Our Story

Gweilo started with a dream and from the very beginning, we’ve been redefining the essence of craft beer – what it tastes like, how it’s brewed, and where it’s enjoyed. We believe beer should be easy to drink and fun to share – which is why we’re constantly exploring new flavours, concepts and collaborations to keep things interesting. From our much-loved Hong Kong range to our Limited ranges, we have something for pretty much any palate on the planet.

Gweilo hails from Hong Kong, and just like the streets of our city, our beers are bright, exciting and inviting. But while we keep things light and breezy, make no mistake: we’re sticklers for quality. From our packaging to our processes, we maintain exceptionally high standards – because at the end of the day, we want to do our very best for you, and make every Gweilo experience great.

Backed by a team of hard-working, fun-loving professionals, Gweilo has already found its way into many corners of the world, from taphouse menus to supermarket shelves. Whether you’re at a Hong Kong street market or in a British beer garden, we hope you find Gweilo within easy reach. And, most of all, we hope you love drinking it as much as we love creating it.

Gweilo. Simply redefining.

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