Q: What happens when Gweilo Beer teams up with SALT Beer Factory and Polygon? 

A: A brand new NFT beer! 🍻

We wanted to create an immersive community initiative for beer lovers and the NFT curious, so we’ve been working with Polygon technology on the very first NFT craft beer that is designed by people, to be enjoyed by people. 

This first release is a 6.5% hazy IPA, and three lucky winners will be issued a speciality NFT:

  • Golden Cash Prize: £500 of profits from the sale of the NFT beers...imagine how many more beers you could buy with that?!
  • Golden Recipe: help develop the next NFT beer flavour. Working with award-winning Head Brewers Charlie Johnson (Gweilo) and Colin Stronge (SALT), you’ll get to develop your own craft beer recipe. 
  • Golden Label Design: work alongside Gweilo and SALT’s design teams to create the label for the next beer in our NFT series. 

The brew will evolve every six months, with each new set of winners collaborating with us to design the next flavour & can design (not to mention one lucky winner who will receive a share in the revenues!).

How do I join in?

If you fancy pocketing a few extra quid, designing a beer can, or perhaps, creating a new and exciting beer flavour, then pick up a can of our NFT beer from selected ASDA stores, scan the QR code and follow the instructions.

Three prizes, two breweries, one blockchain technology platform, and a very tasty beer! 

With thanks to BCW Group who this project is powered by 💪



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